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A Little Me - Autographed Hardcover Book


With my family and my faith—believing in myself that I matter, have value and a purpose—I could face the world as different and become my own hero. Life is going to throw curveballs at all of us—that’s just part of being human. But when the adversities of normal, everyday life are magnified by something as consequential as having a form of dwarfism, how do you learn to ignore the negative opinions of other people, and sometimes your own, and find a way to accept yourself? How do you replace destructive self-doubt with a belief in your inherent value as a person? When the dreams you have for your future—though no loftier than anyone else’s—seem unattainable, how do you confront the obstacles in your path and rise to the occasion to realize those dreams?  A Little Me is more than just an honest and deeply moving memoir. It’s an inspiring how-to guide for overcoming personal challenges and living life to the fullest—a reminder of what’s truly important.


Get your copy of "A Little Me" personally autographed by Amy when you order direct from Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen.

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