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Amy's 'Little Cup, Bold Blend' Coffee


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  • One 12oz Bag
  • Two 12oz Bags
  • Three 12oz Bags

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  • One, two or three 12 oz packages of Amy's exclusive "Little Cup, Bold Blend" fresh roasted ground coffee.
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Amy's 'Little Cup, Bold Blend' Coffee 

Available only from Amy's Roloff's Little Kitchen, the Little Cup, Bold Blend is an exclusive blend of Honduran and Kenyan coffee beans, responsibly sourced and artisan roasted right here in Oregon.

Each 12 oz bag of ground coffee, is roasted immediately prior to packaging to ensure optimal freshness.

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** Frequently Purchased with: Amy's Latte Mug **


Number of Bags:

One 12oz bag, Two 12oz bags, Three 12oz bags

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