Black and White Strawberry Sandwich and Orange Icebox Cookie Combo

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Black and White Strawberry Sandwich and Orange Icebox Cookie Combo

Each Gift Package includes: 1 — 14 ounce tin of Black and White Strawberry Sandwich Cookies and 1 — 10.5 ounce tin of Orange Icebox CookiesTo ensure product freshness & maintain great quality, all orders must be shipped USPS Priority Mail and usually arrive within 2 — 5 days from the date shipment is fulfilled.

Welcome Spring!

These cookies are a great way to celebrate.  Surprise your friends, family, and loved ones by shipping them a box today. Or, order for yourself and your family. Put them in sack lunches to show a little extra love.

The Black and White Strawberry Sandwich cookies are delicious! The Orange Icebox Cookies are bursting with flavor.

If you wish to send your Cookie Combo Package to separate addresses, please order separately.

Black and White Strawberry Sandwich Cookie Ingredients include: Wheat flour, white flour, Darigold Farm fresh buttermilk, cane sugar, Swedish dark chocolate (sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa powder), candies, fondant, strawberries, vanilla extract, salt.

Orange Icebox Cookie Ingredients include: Wheat flour, sugar, shortening, soybean and cottonseed oils, Darigold Farm fresh buttermilk, egg, orange juice, vanilla extract, salt.

  • We cannot ship outside the US
  • Please refer to nutrition label for more ingredient details

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