ARLK Artisan Collection

Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen Artisan Partner Collection

Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen (ARLK) is looking to partner with makers and artisans to sell products we love in our shop, as part of a featured collection. 

As part of the Amy Roloff’s Artisan Collection, our partners can expect the following:

  • Your product will be sold through our store to our customer base. You’ll provide some product photography as well as one to two pieces for promotional purposes (photos, promotional features, etc).

  • We’ll market the Collection via Amy Roloff and Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen social media profiles, website, paid advertising, and email subscribers, to an audience of almost two million people and counting.

  • Payments for products will be made to you, with a profit sharing portion going to ARLK.

  • A select group of artisans and makers will be chosen quarterly, and products curated for each collection to ensure quality and proper promotion.

Recommendations for Makers and Artisans:

1. Experience

  • Owns a store website, or maker’s storefront (ie Etsy, etc), and has an active social media presence
  • Must be in business for at least two years with proven customer satisfaction, quality products, and good reviews
  • Please only original items from small businesses. No MLM or Direct Sales products. 

2. Stock, Shipping, Location

  • Must be able to provide at least 50 pieces of product for this collection during a 3 month period
  • Must have a proven track record of quick fulfillment and shipping
  • Preferred: Has utilized shipping tools like Ship Station
  • Potential partners should be located in the US, or have the ability to quickly ship within the US
  • Bonus but not required: the ability to quickly ship internationally

3. Payment

  • Able to receive payments via PayPal, Credit Card, and other standard payment methods

4. Products

  • Products preferred are kitchen, home, and lifestyle products - ie: kitchen gadgets, kitchen textiles, decor, home products, beauty products. Examples: cutting boards, candles, home decor, etc
  • Fresh, modern styling, appeals to a broad range of customers: 25-65 years old
  • Please only unique items from small businesses. No MLM or Direct Sales products preferred.

5. Submission

  • If you’d like to submit your products for consideration for our upcoming collection, please fill out the form below or at the following link: Submit Your Products Here