Chicken with Fennel and Roasted Tomatoes

Chicken with Fennel and Roasted Tomatoes - Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen




Chicken with Fennel and Roasted Tomatoes

By: Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen





6 bone-in Chicken Thighs,

4 Boneless Chicken Breast (If skinless dust with flour, see below)

6 Chicken pieces – 2 breasts, 4 thighs and/or drum sticks …

4 Garlic cloves

Salt and Pepper

Olive oil

¼ cup flour if using skinless chicken breast

1 ½ Tbls Fennel seeds

1 ½ Tbls Coriander seeds

1 large lemon

1 tsp zest

2 Tbls lemon juice half of lemon sliced

2 Fennel bulbs, cored and cut into wedges (save the fennel fronds – feathery green part for later)

1 – 2 cups of grape or cherry tomatoes (3 Roma tomatoes cut into quarters…)

2 small to medium shallots, sliced

½ - 1 cup of olives (kalamata, favorite green olive, mixture of both)

Baguette cut into small cubes, toasted and seasoned into croutons Fennel Fronds sauce

2 cups of Arugula , spinach or chopped kale

Serves 4-6 depending on your serving size 


* Preheat the oven to 425.

* In a processor or mortar and pestle, crush fennel and coriander seeds, add lemon zest and salt and pepper.

* Prep chicken. Wash and lightly pat dry, season with fennel seed mixture, reserving some for later. If using boneless, skinless chicken breast, add fennel seed mixture to flour and dust chicken breasts.

* In an ovenproof skillet heat 2 tbls of olive oil on medium heat. With skin side down, cook chicken til evenly browned, if using chicken breast lightly brown chicken on both sides but are not fully cooked. This may take about 15-20 minutes. Remove and place on a plate.

* While chicken is cooking, prep the remaining ingredients: Slice garlic cloves or roughly chop, remove fennel fronds (save for later) til you just have just the bulbs left and slice bulbs, slice shallots, wash cherry or grape tomatoes or slice Roma tomatoes, have olives ready in a small bowl and slice ½ half of lemon.

* Cut baguette into bit size crouton pieces, place in a bowl and drizzle olive oil and lightly add salt and pepper. Set aside.


* In the same skillet, heat 1 Tbsp olive oil on medium high heat. Cook, stirring occasionally til the fennel just begins to soften, about 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and remaining crushed fennel and coriander seeds. Remove from heat and add tomatoes and olives to the skillet along with chicken pieces.

* Transfer ovenproof skillet to oven and roast chicken till cooked thoroughly through, juices run clear, vegetables have caramelized slightly, about 15-20 minutes.

* While chicken is roasting, finely chop reserve fennel fronds (feather like greens) until you have about ¼ or more cup, in a bowl add juice from ½ of lemon, chopped fennel fronds, salt and pepper and about ¼ cup of olive oil.

* When chicken is done roasting, remove and Add in arugula, kale or spinach and gently mix in and cover with foil. Place season baguette cubes on a baking sheet and roast til just brown. When done, gently stir into chicken dish, and drizzle fennel lemon oil mixture over chicken and serve.




  • sharron ward

    I enjoy watching you cook you are a sweet lady and love the tv show also looking forward to see more cooking from you. Sharron

  • k. Russell

    Dear Amy Your recipes look just wonderful. Thank you for all your great work. I am single and only have a refrigerator freezer. Would it be possible for you to let us know how many people each recipe will feed. I can only freeze so much. Also congratulations on your engagement. I am so happy for you both and wish your many wonderful years together. Stay well – from Ontario, Canada

  • Kerrie Russell

    Your recipes look just wonderful. I am a single person & wondered if you could let us know how many people these recipes could feed. I can only freeze so much, as I only have a refrigerator freezer. Congratulations on your engagement. I am so happy for you both. Keep up the good work. Blessings

  • Tammy

    Thanks send good one recipe gumbo and I am look for bread pudding , banana foster thanks

  • Nicoal Donahue

    I made this for dinner tonight,
    It was amazing, my whole family loved it😀

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